Peacock Bass History

The peacock bass fish (Cichla ocellaris) was deployed into Florida areas as an experiment to control the overpopulation of many unusual exotic fish species within the areas canals, ponds, freshwater lakes. The spotted tilapia ( Tilapia mariae ) started thriving with the aid of aquarium owners releasing older larger undesirable specimens.  These exotic fish consisted […]

Where can you find Florida Peacock Bass

The Peacock Bass is a brute once on your line, It is strong, fast, tough, they will take you into culverts, structure to try to break you off. This non-native exotic Florida fish makes big-time powerful tackle destroying, head-shaking runs.  I have had treble hooks bent and broken in the process of hooking a big fish on […]

How to catch peacock bass live bait

This soft white sliced wonder bread has a buttery texture to it which makes it easier to stay on the fishing hook. I try to stay away from tougher types of bread as it’s a lot more difficult and becomes a greater mission when the bread comes off the hook almost instantly.  Once I make a tiny bred […]