Best Hard swimbait lures for Florida peacock bass

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The butterfly peacock bass found in South Florida Cichla ocellaris is similar to its larger amazon counterpart, the Cichla temensis. But in which way? Simply they both love to blow up topwater lures. Fishing for the larger species found in the Amazon, the most popular baits are large topwater plugs.

These are my favorite hard swimbait lures peacock bass in South Florida. I like using these jointed lures below. These are just the right size; I try to shoot for no bigger than 4″ inches in this type of lures.

Many anglers in South Florida say that the Rapala X-Rap in 008 sizes and Glass Ghost color is the best Peacock Bass lure.

Catch Co Mike Bucca’s Baby Bull Shad Swimbait 3.75″ 1/2 oz Golden Shiner

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Why is the hard swim bait effective for Peacock bass?

The swimbait is an excellent search lure for peacock bass. When I am not sure that a new body of water that I am fishing has peacock bass, I usually throw a hard swimbait. Both of these swimbaits work well for me.

The catch co Mike Bucca’s Baby Bull shad 3.75” swimbait and the Truscend 3.9″ lure kit.

They have a significant action when they are jointed; they cut threw the water tremendously, and I can fish it in various ways. For Peacock bass, you do not want to reel back lures at a slow pace.

I like to rip them at high speeds; if you think it’s too fast, well, it is not.

The butterfly peacock bass is a speed demon and will catch up to a lure very quickly. The second way I like fishing a hard swimbait is to cast it out parallel to the bank and to rip it very fast, then pause; I get some monster hits using this method, which is very effective.

The Tsunami® Holographic Swim Shad is designed to trigger fast, hard strikes! This tough soft bait features soft-vinyl body with an ultra-realistic holographic foil core and 3D eyes, to pull predators in from all directions.


When fishing for Florida peacock bass, simply the soft swimbait does not last. These fish are freight trains and tax your lures.

I do not enjoy catching a lovely peacock, and then the soft plastic swimbait gets typically all ripped up. In my opinion, it’s not very cost-effective.

That is why I think the jointed swimbait is an excellent lure for butterfly peacock bass.

Michael Ocejo ( Editor-in-chief )

Michael loves fishing for peacock bass. He especially enjoys the great Florida weather and fishing in his backyard. Michael also loves spending time with his friends and family and loves baseball.

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