5 Best Topwater Lures for Florida Peacock Bass

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    Topwater lures are highly effective for Peacock bass due to their ability to exploit the fish’s surface-oriented feeding behavior, create enticing visual and auditory stimuli, and provide an exciting and versatile fishing experience for anglers. Below you can find the 5 Best Topwater Lures for Florida Peacock Bass

    Topwater lures are particularly effective for Peacock bass for several reasons:

    1. Surface Feeding Behavior: Peacock bass are known for their aggressive and surface-oriented feeding behavior. They often prey on small fish, insects, and other creatures near the surface of the water, making them highly receptive to lures that mimic surface-dwelling prey.
    2. Visual and Auditory Stimulation: Topwater lures create surface disturbance, producing visual and auditory cues that mimic the actions of struggling or injured prey. This can trigger the predatory instincts of Peacock bass, prompting them to strike out of aggression or opportunism.
    3. Exciting Strikes: One of the main appeals of topwater fishing is the excitement of witnessing explosive strikes as Peacock bass burst through the surface to attack the lure. This visual spectacle adds an extra thrill to the fishing experience and makes topwater fishing for Peacock bass particularly exhilarating.
    4. Effective in Shallow Water: Peacock bass often inhabit shallow, weedy, or structure-rich environments, where traditional subsurface lures may be prone to snagging. Topwater lures allow anglers to effectively target these areas without getting hung up on vegetation or structure.
    5. Versatility: Topwater lures come in a variety of styles, including poppers, walkers, and prop baits, allowing anglers to adapt their presentation to different fishing conditions and the preferences of the fish. This versatility makes topwater fishing a valuable technique for targeting Peacock bass in various environments.
    6. Visual Appeal: Many topwater lures feature vibrant colors, realistic finishes, and lifelike action, which can attract the attention of Peacock bass from a distance. The visual appeal of these lures can make them irresistible to predatory fish, leading to more strikes.

    5 Best Topwater Lures for Florida Peacock Bass

    The Heddon Torpedo Prop-bait topwater that has been around for a very long time. This lure is one of the easiest but very effective on Florida peacock bass.

    Heddon Torpedo Prop-Bait Topwater Fishing Lure with Spinner Action, Triple Threat 3-Pack, Triple Threat 3-Pack
    • Number One In Fishing Sports
    • Manufactured In The Country Of China
    • Made Of The Highest Quality Material

    This lure does not require a particular skill or technique to use; simple, reel it in; the props on it will make a commotion on top of the water column.

    Heddon Tiny Torpedo


    • Little bait 
    • It is easy to use
    • Great all-around lure
    • Many color options


    • best action with slow retrieve 
    Heddon Tiny Torpedo (Baby Bass, 1 7/8-Inch)
    • TORPEDO BENEFITS: Creates a wild, splashing surface disturbance, making them the perfect lures for schooling fish
    • HOOK DESIGN: 2 super-sharp hook design to really grab hold of the fish
    • TOPWATER FISHING LURE: Excellent topwater lure with rattle noise and movement to attract topwater fish
    • EFFECTIVE SIZE AND COLORS: The shape and weight allow anglers to cast these lures a little farther than many other prop-baits to reach special fish-holding spots quicker and easier; 2 1/2 Inch Length and 3/8 oz Weight
    • FISHING TECHNIQUE: Use quick, short and erratic twitches to make a Torpedo perform at its best, producing explosive, heart-stopping surface strikes

    Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure

    The Heddon “Super Spook Jr.” always sits in my topwater baits tackle box. I recommend the version above, saltwater version, because it has better hooks than the freshwater model.

    This Super Spook Jr has killer action when you use the walk the dog action on it.


    • Walk the dog action
    • Over 25 color options
    • Classic fish catcher
    • Effective on multiple species


    • Hooks not the strongest
    Heddon – Super Spook Jr Wounded Shad 3 1/2 inch
    • Trusted and used by experts
    • Works with all standard gear
    • Quality assured products
    • Easy to use for beginners and Pros
    • For use in all weather and conditions

    Yo-Zuri 3DB Popper

    The Yo-Zuri “3DB Popper” is an excellent topwater bait for Florida peacock bass fish because you can fish it with two techniques, stop and pop or walk the dog. I use this lure when fishing good Florida peacock bass locations as a search bait.

    I can cast it along a drop-off under a bridge, and it isn’t quiet and will attract peacock bass from a distance.


    • Highly detailed
    • Popping action
    • Sharp hooks
    • Proven fish catcher


    • Available colors
    Yo-Zuri 3DB Popper Topwater Lure, Prism Ayu, 3-Inch
    • Topwater Action
    • Max diver depth: 0 ft
    • Perfect Shape & Balance
    • Horizontal Resting Position on the Surface Tension for Best Presentation
    • Bleeding Red or Hot Chartreuse HI-VIS Mouth

    Rapala Original Floater #07

    The Rapala “Original floater” has also been around for a long time; I feel many anglers have almost forgotten what an excellent topwater bait is for peacock bass. The lure is constructed out of balsa wood and features black nickel VMC hooks.

    When you cast this bait, all you have to do is rip it back and pause using a stop-and-go action.


    • Balsa Wood 
    • Well balanced
    • Good in shallow water
    • Tight wobble action


    • Smaller hooks
    Rapala unisex adult 0 Fishing Lure, Bleeding Pearl, 9 US
    • Balsa Wood Construction.
    • Natural Minnow Profile.
    • VMC Black Nickel Hooks.
    • Available In Classic & Bleeding Patterns.
    • Hand Tuned & Tank Tested.

    Rat-L-Trap Lures 1/2-Ounce Floating Trap

    The Rat-L-Trap lure has been around way before I was born; this lipless crankbait is truthfully a fish catcher. Here is where things change, they make a floating version called the “Float-N-Trap,” which is deadly on Florida peacock bass.

    I like using this floating topwater bait when I want a more subtle presentation.


    • Durable
    • Reduced sound over original
    • Great all-around lure
    • Flashy colors


    • 1/3 ounce
    Rat-L-Trap Bill Lewis Lures Lifelike Vibrations 1/2 OZ Lipless Crankbait Fishing Wobble Sinking Lure for Black Bass, Trout, Walleye, Pike, Salmon, Blue Shiner
    • LIFELIKE VIBRATIONS – Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap lure produces sound that is nearly identical to the sound made by distressed bait fish, which leads to attracting predator fish and stimulating an aggressive feeding response
    • FISH-ATTRACTING COLORS – Fish Rat-L-Trap in saltwater or freshwater and choose among a wide range of proven and tested fish-catching colors to suit your needs; There’s a wide range of colors that stick out to predators hunting in any conditions
    • EFFECTIVE LURE – The Rat-L-Trap is a time-tested lure that deserves a spot in every anglers tackle box. Its low-frequency knocking pitch accompanied by its tight wiggling action and shad profile flash are a simple recipe to get you bit
    • SPECS – Measuring around 3″ and weighing 1/2 ounce, the Rat-L-Trap can be fished from fast to slow, shallow to deep and everything in- between. This simple-to-use lipless crankbait is a must have for locating and catching fish
    • EASY TO USE – Deep water? Shallow water? It works great in both. Fish ’em slow in the shallows with a simple cast-and-crank technique or let them sink to the bottom and burn ’em back across deep structure to create tons of bite-enticing deflections
    Top Water Fishing Tips

    Topwater fishing can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience, especially when targeting species like Peacock bass. Here are some topwater fishing tips to help you maximize your success:

    1. Fish During Prime Times: Early morning and late evening are typically the best times for topwater fishing, as this is when many predatory fish are most active near the surface. Overcast days can also extend the topwater bite into the daytime hours.
    2. Pay Attention to Weather and Water Conditions: Wind, cloud cover, and water clarity can all impact the effectiveness of topwater lures. In general, calm conditions with low wind and clear water are ideal for topwater fishing, as they allow fish to more easily spot and strike lures.
    3. Choose the Right Lure: Select a topwater lure that matches the natural prey in the area and the feeding behavior of the fish you’re targeting. Poppers, walkers, prop baits, and buzzbaits are all effective options for different situations.
    4. Work the Lure Correctly: Experiment with different retrieval techniques to determine what triggers strikes from the fish. For example, with poppers, try short, sharp pops of the rod tip followed by pauses to create enticing surface commotion. With walkers, use a rhythmic side-to-side motion to mimic a wounded baitfish.
    5. Be Patient: Topwater strikes can be explosive and thrilling, but they can also be sporadic. Be patient and persistent, and don’t be afraid to work a spot thoroughly before moving on. Sometimes a few extra casts can make all the difference.
    6. Focus on Structure and Cover: Target areas with submerged vegetation, fallen trees, rocks, or other forms of structure and cover where predatory fish are likely to ambush their prey. Cast your lure close to these features and work it along the edges for best results.
    7. Stay Stealthy: Approach fishing spots quietly to avoid spooking fish, especially in clear water conditions. Keep noise and movements to a minimum and use long casts to cover more water without getting too close to the fish.
    8. Set the Hook Properly: When a fish strikes your topwater lure, resist the urge to immediately set the hook. Instead, wait until you feel the weight of the fish before setting the hook with a firm, upward motion to ensure a solid hookup.
    9. Practice Catch and Release: If you’re not keeping fish for consumption, consider practicing catch and release to help conserve fish populations and ensure the sustainability of the fishery for future generations.

    By following these topwater fishing tips, you can increase your chances of success and enjoy the thrill of catching fish on the surface. Remember to stay patient, observe the behavior of the fish and adapt your tactics accordingly, and most importantly, have fun on the water!

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