Why Peacock Bass thrive in Florida

Originally released in 1984 to control the abundance of spotted tilapia, this south American powerhouse has made south Florida home. Did you know that the average temperature for Miami, FL is 77.05°F? That is almost exact to the yearly averages of Brazil which are 76.1°F. 


The Butterfly peacock bass Cichla ocellaris enjoys warm tropical weather, they do not like cold climates. When in South Florida the yearly cold fronts roll in around January-February Peacock bass are not happy campers. When we have a few days of this weather continually I have seen first-hand dead peacock bass floating in the water. The fish simply are not built to live in waters sustaining a temperature of under 60°F.

Florida Peacock Bass are reproducing in great numbers

Recently while fishing I was delighted to see so much life in a Peacock Bass fishing canal. Everywhere I would look almost you would see packs of Butterfly peacock bass fingerlings. This makes me happy to see that the fish are doing good, reproducing and making future trophy peacock bass. I took a few minutes off from fishing to watching this pack of juveniles. What were they doing? Chasing minnows into the cover. Even at the size of your index finger they are hunting machines, very aggressive.

nature is remarkable, just to think that these fish are born from eggs and when they start to swim as fry they are smaller than half an inch in size. Those who grow into fingerlings have a chance to grow into freshwater bruisers one day in the future. The butterfly peacock bass is unique, there are no two alike. They have different markings, spots on their bodies fins, and tail marking


How come some Peacock Bass colors are darker than others?

The colors on the peacock bass depend on where the fish live. You can notice a darker color fish in those living in more stained waters. The fish seem to allot more vibrant and lightly colored in clear water lakes and canals. When fishing for Peacock bass in Florida I like to catch and release. Enjoying this fish for many years to come is furthermore important than keeping one for the dinner plate. Have some kids who would like to take fishing one day? Wouldn’t it be awesome to hook them up on some Florida butterfly peacock bass?

Remember to always have your Florida fishing license up to date, they have various options for both freshwater, saltwater. You can find the Florida fishing license cost online below at the link provided. https://myfwc.com/license/

Additionally, you can get your Florida fishing license at your local Walmart in person, I got mines at Walmart in St Augustine FL.

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