Where can you find Florida Peacock Bass

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The Peacock Bass is a brute once on your line, It is strong, fast, tough, they will take you into culverts, structure to try to break you off. This non-native exotic Florida fish makes big-time powerful tackle destroying, head-shaking runs. 

I have had treble hooks bent and broken in the process of hooking a big fish on topwater lures. Peacocks put up a harder fight than let’s say the traditional legendary largemouth bass.

These fish do not get to grow to be trophy-sized one day by being unintelligent. They often try to find the closest possible culvert, debris, sharp rock ledges to try to break you off.

South Florida anglers have grown accustomed to fishing for exotics in our local waters. I enjoy bass fishing with light tackle, which makes catching fish more of a challenge. Below you will find our recommendations on the best artificial bass fishing lures.

Water temperature for the most part stays stable and fishing is good year-round. Pack your bags and take a fishing trip down to South Florida, you will not forget this fishing trip!

Peacock bass productive lures

Rapala X-Rap 08 Fishing lure, 3.125-Inch, Hot Mustard Muddler
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  • Suspending on Pause
  • Textured Translucent Body

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Best structures for Peacock bass


Bridges are excellent Florida Peacock bass fishing locations. I would recommend that you try to focus fishing around them, superb fish catchers. The reason why I think bridges are so good is that the butterfly peacock bass is a highly predatory fish and often uses the structure as an advantage to ambush unsuspecting bait fish.

I recommend you make a cast at an angle so your bait can get into the shady areas inside of the bridge structure. If you happen to be using live bait, hold on, and be ready for the strike! Florida freshwater fish also loves the structure that consists of a lot of big limestone boulders.

I have the best success when fishing deep rock ledges and lake bank drop offs.

Fish love to sit under the deep side of the rock ledges. But be aware you might just hook up with a Snook fish, clown knife fish, snakehead, or another Florida fish species. 

Palm Beach counties, Dade, and Broward have great numbers of fish.


Culverts are top fishing locations, Florida game fish like to sit by them and wait for bait fish to get swept through culverts and pipes with canal or lake current.  Bass are predatory fish and are often looking for an easy meal assisted by their surroundings.



There is a good amount of man-made lakes and ponds in South Florida that have pumps for aeration. The peacock fish likes to hang out near long stretches of PVC pipes coming from a land that goes underwater. These Florida fishing locations have always been what I look for when I go fishing. Pipes are a superb peacock fish habitat that holds great numbers of fish.

Michael Ocejo ( Editor-in-chief )

Michael loves fishing for peacock bass. He especially enjoys the great Florida weather and fishing in his backyard. Michael also loves spending time with his friends and family and loves baseball.

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