How to catch peacock bass live bait

This soft white sliced wonder bread has a buttery texture to it which makes it easier to stay on the fishing hook. I try to stay away from tougher types of bread as it’s a lot more difficult and becomes a greater mission when the bread comes off the hook almost instantly. 

Once I make a tiny bred ball about the size of a green pea. I put it on the best fishing hook Gamakatsu 02405 for catching your live bait.

Live shiners for bait are adored by anglers in Florida and make a dynamic live bait choice for your fishing trip. You can search for a  local store to buy them by typing the bait shop near me on google. These baits are typically  2″- 4″ inches in size, you can expect to pay around $9 to 10 dollars per dozen. The live shiners are a convenient option if you do not want to micro fish to catch your bait.

Gamakatsu 02405 Octopus Nsb 10 (10-Pack)
Type of Hook: All Purpose; Size: 10; Color: NS Black; Quantity Per Pack: 10
Wonder Classic White Bread Loaf - 20 oz Bag
One 20 oz loaf of Wonder Classic White Bread; Wonder offers an unbeatable taste that is sure to delight the whole family
135317 Marine Metal 2WY Bubbl Quiet 12 Vdc/110V 2 D Batt 52HRs B17
Pumps +- 1.2 STD/min of air; Designed for fresh and saltwater use; Space saver clam shell package 5.25"W x 7.625"L x 2.5"D
$33.73 −$5.14
Energizer Max D Batteries, Premium Alkaline D Cell Batteries (12 Battery Count)
12 pack of Energizer MAX alkaline D batteries; Our long lasting MAX D batteries power everyday devices
$20.47 −$6.47

Keeping Peacock Bass Live bait in the best conditions

Artificial lures are not for every fisherman and that’s OK! Out of all the white bread brands out there I defiantly like wonder bread the best. Why? I feel that this particular brand lasts longer fresh and has the right type of consistency when I slightly wet it to make small balls of bait with it. 

 Keeping the live bait you just caught or bought at your local tackle store is important. There is no worse feeling than taking a drive to your peacock bass fishing location to discover your live bait is dead. The best way to make sure this does not happen is by purchasing a bait bucket with a quality lid and fish aerator to make sure they have plenty of oxygen and will be frisky for when you put them on the hook. 

These live bait aerator pumps run on a couple of D Batteries which last for many hours making this system economical and cost-effective. Do you need help with deciding which air pump is right for you? check out our review on “The Top 5 Best Live Bait Fishing Aerator Pumps

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