Peacock bass of the amazon

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Peacock bass is a member of the cichlid family, which includes tilapia, angelfish, and Oscars. Native to the Amazon River basin, which includes rivers, streams, and lagoons. Peacock Bass of the amazon is a very aggressive gamefish that can grow quite large (up to 25 pounds). These South American fish quickly they can reach 14 inches within a year. 

Popular Peacock bass species of the Amazon

  • Cichla ocellaris
  • Cichla temensis
  • Cichla intermedia
  • Cichla monoculus
  • Cichla pinima

Size of peacock bass in the amazon

The peacocks and are usually 18 to 20 inches in length. However, some peacock bass has been reported as 40 inches long and weighing 26 pounds! Those are the monsters of peacock bass fishing.

Peacock bass in the amazon generally grows to about 16 inches long. However, peacocks that live in the rivers tend to be larger than those in lagoons or streams. By the time peacock bass are 10 inches long, they begin to eat fish. When peacocks reach 20 inches in length, they can be expected to take most fish imitations fished deep.

What lures are best for amazon peacock bass?

The peacock bass is not a picky eater. It will take live bait, spinners, plugs, spoons, or just about anything that looks good to them. They are especially fond of shiny lures; the peacock bass’s preference for shiny lures might be an instinctive reaction. The peacocks are excited quickly by splashing or vibrations on the surface; big loud woodchoppers from High Roller Fishing lures are deadly on the massive peacock bass from the amazon.

Best tackle for Amazon peacock bass fishing

Peacock bass is known for its explosive strikes. The tackle should be heavy and robust enough to withstand the intense strikes of these fish. These are not the type of bass to take your time fishing for, but instead, they require you to be quick and start reeling when you know the fish has taken your bait. The best way to do this is to use a strong, heavy rod and reel combo. Rods should be around 7 feet long with medium-heavy to heavy power.

Rod action can vary depending on your personal preference, but a fast tip is preferred so you can set the hook quickly in case of a strike. Reels should have a sturdy drag system to keep bigger peacock bass from breaking your line.

How to catch peacock bass in the Amazon?

Casting for peacock bass in the amazon is fun and easy because peacocks are aggressive feeders. They hit swiftly with a sudden ‘thump’ that can be felt through the rod. You immediately begin reeling when you feel this kind of strike because peacocks directly make a fast, hard run.

Try to keep the peacock bass’s head up by raising your rod tip so the fish cannot get you caught up in jagged rocks and other potential snags like floating trees.

Peacock bass feeding frenzy

Peacock bass fishing becomes exciting when peacocks are actively feeding. In peacock fishing under these conditions, peacocks are often seen “balling” or schooling in shallow water. These conditions offer peacock fishing at its best. Peacocks are aggressive, and the angler is presented with numerous opportunities to catch peacock bass.

Some peacock bass fishing tips to remember: The peacock’s preferred prey is small fish -Peacocks like bright lures are often found in schools feeding. 


The peacock bass is a beautiful fish with brilliant colors and an exciting fight. Catch peacocks on light spinning tackle or fly fishing gear for the most action. They are fun to catch, especially when peacocks are in a “Frenzy.” Peacocks will take lures that resemble their prey.

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