New Florida Peacock Bass Record

The Florida Butterfly peacock bass record has broken! The previous record catch weighed in at 9.08 pounds. The new Florida Peacock bass record-breaking catch by Felipe Prieto of Hialeah, FL, weighing in at 9.11 and measuring 23 and 5/16 inches long! 

Congratulations to Felipe for breaking a 28-year-old Florida record in the butterfly peacock bass category. The butterfly peacock bass was introduced into Florida canals in 1983 to control the overabundance of spotted tilapia and other exotic nonnative fish.

Have you caught a big Florida peacock bass? Did You know that you can receive a Florida big catch award if your catch surpasses the required weights or lengths listed below on the provided table. 

Will the Florida Butterfly peacock bass record ever be broken again? that will have to be seen in the future as we fishermen always dream of the following potential record braking size peacock bass to attack our live bait or lure.


Butterfly Peacock Bass Weight Length
Adult Catergory 4.00 lbs 18 inches
Youth Category 3.00 lbs 13 inches

Where was the record Peacock bass caught?

The New Florida Peacock Bass record was caught at an undisclosed Broward county lake.

What lure or bait was used?

The new Florida butterfly peacock bass record was caught with live bait per the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Florida Peacock bass Love fast-moving minnow type of jerk baits. Shiners are the most popular live bait south Florida anglers live to target Peacock bass. They can easily be purchased at your local bait and tackle stores and sold by the dozen. How do you keep shiners or live minnows alive? You have to use a battery-powered aerator and bucket system or a boat with a live well.


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