Florida Peacock Bass Locations

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    In South Florida, Peacock bass can be found in various freshwater habitats, primarily in urban canals, lakes, and ponds. The range of Peacock bass in South Florida is primarily concentrated in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, with Florida Peacock Bass Locations some populations are also present in Palm Beach County and other surrounding areas.

    Specifically, Peacock bass are often found in the canal systems of Miami-Dade County, including the C-100 Canal (Tamiami Canal), C-4 Canal (Cutler Drain), C-8 Canal (Snapper Creek Canal), and others. These canals provide suitable habitat for Peacock bass, with features such as shoreline vegetation, submerged structure, and water flow that support their feeding and spawning behaviors.

    In addition to urban canals, Peacock bass fishing can also be found in larger bodies of water such as Lake Ida and Lake Osborne in Palm Beach County, as well as in various smaller lakes and ponds throughout the region. Below you can find the best locations and spots for Florida peacock bass fishing.

    Overall, South Florida offers ample opportunities for anglers to target Peacock bass in a variety of freshwater habitats, from urban canals to natural lakes and ponds. However, it’s important to note that Peacock bass are non-native species in Florida and are restricted to certain areas where they have been intentionally introduced or have established populations through accidental releases. Anglers should familiarize themselves with local regulations and guidelines for fishing Peacock bass in South Florida to ensure compliance with state laws and conservation efforts.

    Florida Peacock Bass Locations
    Peacock Bass Caught under Orange Dive Canal Bridge in Davie, FL

    Best Peacock Bass spots and locations

    Below you will find the best and Hottest Peacock Bass fishing locations; I have personally caught fish over 5 pounds in all these canals fishing South Florida for over 15 years.

    (C-14) Pompano Canal

    (C-14) Pompano Canal – This Peacock Bass fishing location represents the northern boundary of the South Florida peacock bass range. This canal runs from the Sawgrass Expressway and cuts eastward through Coral Springs Margate and Pompano Beach.

    This canal then snakes around eastward towards the intercoastal. There is a spillway (lock) east of Dixie, which separates fresh and saltwater areas of the canal.

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    (C-13) Middle River Canal

    (C-13) Middle River Canal – Peacock Bass fishing location, The Middle River canal runs by Wilton Manors, Sunrise, Lauderhill, and Oakland Park. The C-13 cuts off south of Oakland park boulevard, not far from Hiatus Road.

    This canal runs about 3-4 miles. There is a spillway (lock) between NW 21st Ave, NW 31st Ave, which separates fresh and saltwater areas of the canal. Eastward towards the intercoastal.

    There is a spillway (lock) east of Dixie, which separates fresh and saltwater areas of the canal.

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    (G-15) North New River Canal

    G-15) North New River Canal – Peacock Bass fishing location; this canal runs along SR84 east of US 27 and runs through cities out west like Weston, Davie to like 441 and I-95, then meats the southern sections of the New River Canal.

    A spillway (lock) separates fresh and saltwater areas of the canal west of Davie Road and another east of US 27. Fort Lauderdale canal fishing is very productive in these areas.

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    (C-11) South New River Canal

    (C-11) South New River Canal – Peacock Bass fishing location, This section of the canal is a part of the New River Canal system. This canal runs alongside Griffin road from ever Everglades Holiday park at the western end and crosses through Weston and Davie to the east of 441 on the east side.

    There is a spillway (lock) west of 441, which separates fresh and saltwater areas of the canal.​

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    (C-9) Snake Creek Canal

    (C-9) Snake Creek Canal – Peacock Bass fishing location, shares the Dade/Broward county line. The canal starts way back in the water conservation area; I believe it’s No.3 in the Florida Everglades. This canal goes east through Broward, Miramar and crosses the line.

    When it does, it crosses cities like Carol city, then heads towards North Miami Beach. There is a spillway (lock) east of US1, which separates fresh and saltwater areas of the canal.​

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    (C-6) Miami Canal

    (C-6) Miami Canal -Peacock Bass fishing location. This canal starts a bit west of Krome Avenue in North Dade, then heads southeast through cities like Hialeah Gardens, Hialeah, Miami Springs, Medley, then empties into the Miami River on Okeechobee Road US27.

    There is a spillway (lock) east of State Road 112, which separates fresh and saltwater areas of the canal.

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    (C-4) Tamiami Canal

    ( C-4) Tamiami Canal – Peacock bass fishing location, This canal starts way into the Florida Everglades and, I believe, runs eastward for about 35-40 miles. There is a pipe (culvert) bit east of Krome Avenue. The canal then runs east to Tamiami trail US41, Sw 8th st.

    The canal keeps on going and goes through Dade county until it reaches palmetto 826.

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    (C-2) Snapper Creek Canal

    (C-2) Snapper Creek Canal – Peacock bass fishing location. This canal is located around the Kendall area, starts off south of 836, the dolphin expressway. This canal connects with the Tamiami canal then keeps going south and a bit east of SW 57th Avenue.

    There is a spillway (lock) that separates this freshwater canal area which empties into Biscayne Bay.

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    (C-100) Cutler Drain Canal

    (C-100) Cutler Drain Canal – Peacock Bass fishing location, This canal is located between the Kendall and Homestead cities. C-100 goes southeast direction from SW 137 Avenue and ends near the east side of old cutler Road.

    There you will find a spillway (lock) that separates freshwater and saltwater areas of the canal.

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    (C-1) Black Creek Canal

    (C-1) Black Creek Canal – Peacock Bass fishing location This canal runs through southern Dade county. I believe this canal starts at a spillway (lock) somewhat west of Krome Avenue near Kendall Drive and Coral Reef Drive.

    This canal empties into Biscayne Bay at Black Point Park. The Spillway separating fresh and saltwater areas is located east of SW 127th Avenue.​

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    (C-111) Aerojet Canal (everglades)

    (C-111) Aerojet Canal – Peacock Bass fishing everglades, This canal is located in the Homestead area. The canal can be found off the road on US1 heading south; there are two spillways (locks) on each side of the canal. The spillway on the eastern side separates the freshwater side from saltwater.

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    Michael loves fishing for peacock bass. He especially enjoys the great Florida weather and fishing in his backyard. Michael also loves spending time with his friends and family and loves baseball.

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