Can you eat Peacock Bass?

Is Peacock bass good to eat?

The peacock bass has a very white, clean, and flaky filet, it’s considered to have a non-fishy taste while remaining firm after being cooked.

Should you eat peacock bass?

I do not think it’s a great idea, this fish was introduced back in 1984 to control the overpopulation of spotted tilapia. People across the world travel to South Florida waters to battle with this great game fish. I think having the peacock bass alive and reproducing outweighs a filet for dinner.

Is eating Peacock Bass dangerous?

Eating peacock bass should be in moderation, based on this resource from the Florida department of health you are advised to look up the waters you are fishing for recommendations on how much Peacock Bass is safe for consumption for adults and kids.

unfortunately many fish in local south Florida canals and lakes have high mercury content. These waters may have chemicals ranging from grass spraying to pollution from garbage and dumping of foreign objects.

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