New Florida Peacock Bass Record

The Florida Butterfly peacock bass record has broken! The previous record catch weighed in at 9.08 pounds. The new Florida Peacock bass record-breaking catch by Felipe Prieto of Hialeah, FL, weighing in at 9.11 and measuring 23 and 5/16 inches long!  Congratulations to Felipe for breaking a 28-year-old Florida record in the butterfly peacock bass […]

When do Peacock bass spawn in Florida

I consider the best time of year to catch a Trophy is during their annual spawning season. Down here in South Florida, the peacock bass spawn can be around late February to about the ending of April.  These freshwater bruisers are ready to spawn annually once they reach about 10-12 months of age. The Florida […]

Why Peacock Bass thrive in Florida

Initially released in 1984 to control the abundance of spotted tilapia, this south American powerhouse has made south Florida home. Did you know that the average temperature for Miami, FL, is 77.05°F? That is almost exact to the yearly averages of Brazil, which are 76.1°F.  The Butterfly peacock bass Cichla ocellaris enjoys warm tropical weather; […]

Best Hard swimbait lures for Florida peacock bass

The butterfly peacock bass found in South Florida Cichla ocellaris is similar to its larger amazon counterpart, the Cichla temensis. But in which way? Simply they both love to blow up topwater lures. Fishing for the larger species found in the Amazon, the most popular baits are large topwater plugs. These are my favorite hard swimbait […]

Top 5 fish that Florida Peacock Bass love to eat

Which are some examples of South Florida native species that peacock bass eat? Bluegill. (Lepomis macrochirus) Redear sunfish. (Lepomis microlophus) American Shad. (Alosa sapidissima) Eastern mosquito fish. (Gambusia holbrooki) Spotted sunfish. (Lepomis punctatus)     What do Peacock bass do not like to eat? Based on my experience fishing for them for over 20 years, […]

Can you eat Peacock Bass?

Is Peacock bass good to eat? The peacock bass has a very white, clean, and flaky filet; it’s considered to have a non-fishy taste while remaining firm after being cooked. Should you eat peacock bass? I do not think it’s a great idea; this fish was introduced back in 1984 to control the overpopulation of spotted tilapia. People […]

5 Best Topwater Lures for Florida Peacock Bass

When fishing for shallow water Florida peacock bass, the topwater bait is second to none in getting these fantastic explosions and hookups with a peacock fish. The Florida Peacock bass loves to smash topwater lures; the rush of seeing a big fish blow up on topwater is second to none.  When they hit the surface, […]

The Best Car Fishing Rod Carriers

If you’re looking for the best way to transport your fishing poles safely, these are some excellent solutions; these fishing pole racks should be on your shopping list.  Additionally, having a fishing pole holder for your truck or car interior helps to make your automobile more versatile and less cluttered. The great news is there […]

Florida invasive fish species guide

In Florida, as in many other states, there is a problem with invasive fish species wreaking havoc on public health, the local environment, and even the economy.  Fish that are non-native species are simply fish that are not in their native range, such as exotic fish that have been released from an aquarium or even […]